Northern Lights Lacrosse Festival
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Northern Lights Lacrosse Festival

The Northern Lights Lacrosse Festival at Badger Park is 12 hours of back-to-back lacrosse games open for any and all ages. As a community, we’re creating a space for happy minds and positive thinking by celebrating sports and mental health.

What is the festival raising money for?

  1. To fund coaches training around mental health and mental illness or disorders

  2. To fund in school program development

  3. To provide scholarships for athletes displaying character and kindness while overcoming adversity

Sponsor the Northern Lights Lacrosse Festival

Bronze:  $250  Silver:  $500  Gold:  $1,000  Platinum:  $2,500

Bronze: $250 Silver: $500 Gold: $1,000 Platinum: $2,500

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If you are interested in volunteering your time to help with this event, see the sign up links here to find what volunteer opportunities and positions are available and suitable to you!

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